Are you ready for change? I had to ask myself that same question many years ago when I decided I needed a change in my life. I struggled with post-partum depression after having my son as I watched my life go from completely selfish to completely unselfish. Resentment and anxiety was a constant feeling as I stayed at home while my friends went to the gym, long bike rides, and happy hours. Then I found Beachbody and my life changed forever.

I'm super excited to tell you that now I wake up with excitement and purpose. Beachbody has changed my body and mind in such a way that I can share my struggles and success with you in a positive way. I said YES to an opportunity to pay it forward and help others reach their health and fitness goals while being able to supplement my income through Beachbody. 

Jamie Gonzalez


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Change is Possible

Beachbody coaches and fitness programs in Santa Barbara

Change your Mindset

Beachbody coaches in Santa Barbara

Change your destiny


As a wellness coach, I will teach you about clean eating and how to follow a meal plan that helps boost metabolism and mood! I have an amazing group of like-minded men and women on social media that helps keep everyone accountable. Are you ready to say yes? If you're feeling mentally or physically stuck with what may seem like no way out I am here to help you. I feel your struggles and I want you to know there is a way out.

Together with my support team, we can change what is possible, set goals once thought unachievable, develop leadership skills, challenge social setting approaches and face the uncomfortable setting with confidence. My support team is made of like-minded coaches, that have a passion for a healthier lifestyle and a passion to live!  Let me hold your hand and show you what someone showed me and I guarantee you will find your smile again. Say yes to you!

change is POSSIBLE. change your MINDSET. change your DESTINY.



Love you for sharing this!!! I’m so thankful for reconnecting with you. The fit fam you’ve introduced to is just amazing - love the accountability and knowledge share. I’m loving the workouts and working on sharing my experience & passion with others too. As a soon to be new mom, I hope you continue to coach me through the new mommy stages. Love ya!

~ Sonya Crump

Yes yes yes!! Thank you for sharing your story, we are all so human and for women many time struggle with the same insecurities. We have each other and hearing stories like these further inspire me. My health is my priority right now. I have been suffering from more frequent migraines, arthritic knees and and ankle that I’m convinced not to get surgery on again but through my total health transformation, I can live with. I am delightedly to have such amazing people to support me!

~ Robin Hoj

Adore your transparency and your passion. You go girl!!!

~ Laura Butt


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